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Value-Added Services

At Spartan Fastener we understand that the constant pressure for robust and cost competitive components demands that we are constantly evolving. One of these evolutions includes the ability to offer cold formed solutions with value-added services ranging from threading to machining. Our workforce has extensive knowledge in machining capabilities, coupled with our great relationships with local companies that go above and beyond to deliver what is needed and expected.

Thread Rolling

In addition to cold forming, Spartan Fastener offers secondary operations such as trimming and thread rolling to custom specifications. We perform thread rolling for screws, bolts and fasteners used in automotive, commercial, industrial, medical and electrical applications, with diameters ranging as low as 000# and up to 3/4". We can offer SEMS products as well as many thread forms. 

Our comprehensive services and custom capabilities allow us to manufacture complete parts in-house, giving you fast turnaround times and cost efficiencies. We also provide roll forming, grooving and pointing. Spartan Fastener has expertise in thread rolling parts made from materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, low carbon steel and others.

To learn more about our thread rolling capabilities, contact us or request a quote.