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About Spartan Fastener

Spartan Fastener (formerly Stabio North America) has been in business since 1976. Starting in the miniature and electrical contact side of the fastener industry, the company soon found itself expanding into multi die and progressive headers producing larger and more complicated product. With renewed interest from a private ownership group, Spartan Fastener finds itself poised for growth and sustainability. 

Our Vision

We envision Spartan Fastener continuing as a leader in producing cold formed parts by exceeding our customers' quality and service expectations. Our goal is to remain competitive, yet profitable. We will continue to offer sophisticated, value-added services and systems that will keep us relevant in an ever-changing manufacturing world.

Customer Relationships

While Spartan Fastener produces quality cold formed products, our many long-term employees realize the effort and teamwork necessary to maintain our leadership role. It takes on-time deliveries and advanced design methods and manufacturing to compete in today's ever-changing marketplace. These factors, coupled with strong customer relationships, which are based upon trust and support, are vital to ensuring our company's continued growth and success.

The Precision of Cold Forming with Spartan Fastener

We revolutionize fastening solutions through our advanced cold forming technology through an array of meticulously crafted cold formed miniature fasteners, parts, and equipment. 

Innovative Cold Forming Services

Our cold forming equipment represents the cutting-edge technology that sets us apart in the fastener manufacturing industry. It's not just about producing parts; it's about redefining efficiency and quality.

The Spartan Difference: Advanced Equipment, Exceptional Results

With our innovative production floor, cold forming is not just a process but an art, mastered by our skilled team using state-of-the-art equipment. From Mectron sorters ensuring flawless inspections to our rigorous quality testing lab, every step is geared towards achieving the pinnacle of fastener excellence.

Behind the Scenes: Spartan Fastener’s Production Excellence

1. Our Production Floor

This space buzzes with the synergy of advanced cold forming equipment and skilled artisans. Every piece of machinery, from multi-die headers to progressive formers, is fine-tuned to produce fasteners with unmatched precision.

2. Spartan Fastener's Quality Testing Lab

Quality isn't just a goal; it's a promise at Spartan Fastener. Equipped with sophisticated testing and measuring instruments, this lab is the fortress of our commitment to excellence. From dimensional verifications to material strength tests, every fastener undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure it meets the high standards expected in various industries.

3. Mectron Sorter for Parts Inspection

The Mectron Sorter represents the pinnacle of precision in parts inspection. This state-of-the-art equipment, plays a crucial role in our quality assurance process. It meticulously inspects each fastener, ensuring that every dimension and specification aligns perfectly with customer requirements. This machine is not just a tool; it gets us as close to zero defects as we can be, ensuring that every product leaving our floor is of the highest quality.

Precision in Every Fastener: Our Commitment to Your Industry

Whether you're in automotive, electronics, or medical industries, Spartan Fastener has the capability to meet diverse needs with unparalleled precision. Our cold formed fasteners and parts are more than products; they represent a legacy of quality and innovation, aligning with the demands of today's dynamic supply chains.