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Appliances and Housewares Industries

Cold Formed Parts for Houseware IndustriesSpartan Fastener has produced precision fastener solutions for appliance and houseware manufacturers for many years. We manufacture cold formed shoulder rivets, semi-tubular rivets, pins and other components used in this market. We also provide secondary services such as thread rolling, tapping, grinding, sorting and packaging.

Spartan Fastener can help you reduce piece costs, shorten lead times and improve the quality of your fasteners. Our advantages include:

  • High-speed equipment to meet schedules and pricing structures of appliance and housewares manufacturers.
  • Cost-competitive with import pricing.
  • Most advanced inspection and sorting equipment available in the fastener industry, including LaserLab and Mectron Sorter in-house.
  • In-house tooling capabilities for improved R & D and faster delivery times. Other suppliers often need extra time to outsource tooling work.
  • We work with a variety of different alloys and materials, including lesser-used materials.