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Cold Formed Rivets & Pins

Cold Formed Shoulder Rivets

Cold Formed Shoulder RivetsThrough cold heading, we produce custom shoulder rivets suitable for use in industrial storage racks, bed frames, and other assembling applications. Custom engineered, cold-headed rivets from Spartan Fastener exhibit good compressive and shear strength. Our facility is equipped with a full line of cold forming machines to meet your simple as well as complex fastening requirements.

These progressive cold forming machines enable us to manufacture precision shoulder rivets from aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, in wire ranging up to 0.750" in diameter. Depending on your specific fastening requirements, we manufacture shoulder rivets in a variety of standard as well as custom head styles.

Spartan Fastener utilizes optical sorters and roll sorting machines to detect any defect in the production lots. Using our cold forming, rolling, trimming, and packaging machines, we meet your custom fastening needs, from start to finish. Our qualified sub-contract partners can handle all your painting, heat treatment, and plating requirements.

Cold Formed Semi-Tubular Rivets

Cold Formed Semi-Tubular RivetsSpartan Fastener produces custom cold headed semi-tubular or hollow rivets for special assembly applications in industries such as automotive, electronics and hardware. Our single- and multiple-station progressive forming machines enable us to offer economical solutions to your fastening problems. These cold forming machines facilitate production of custom cold headed rivets without the need for secondary operations.

Brass, copper and stainless steel are some materials we commonly process. Spartan Fastener produces semi-tubular rivets with straight as well as tapered holes that feature diameters ranging from 0.019" to 1.00". Our highly engineered, cold headed hollow rivets are available in various flat, round, oval and countersunk head styles.

Spartan Fastener specializes in manufacturing semi-tubular rivets in custom head styles compatible with a range of manual and automated riveting machines. To meet JIT delivery requirements, we also stock a standard line of hollow rivets and raw material inventories.

Standard and Specialty Pins

Standard and Specialty PinsUsing a range of single- and multiple-station progressive forming machines, Spartan Fastener produces standard as well as specialty pins with rounded, chamfered and crowned ends. With these machines, we can also perform cold forming operations including upsetting, blank rolling and pointing. Our cold forming processes ensure high repeatability with reduced scrap.

Spartan Fastener specializes in forming slotted, coiled, grooved and solid type pins made from wire stock of materials. We manufacture pins from materials such as aluminum, nickel, silver, platinum and tin. In addition to cold forming, sorting and other value-added services, we also offer bulk and hand packaging services for our cold headed parts. Our streamlined inspection process ensures quality compliance through all stages of production.