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Quality Control

At Spartan Fastener, our number one goal is to achieve zero defects PPM when producing precision parts for the automotive industry. To do so, we have invested heavily in the most advanced inspection and sorting equipment available. Not surprisingly, many fastener and precision parts manufacturers run their products through our inspection machines, then directly into their boxes.

  • LaserLab: This first piece inspection equipment, manufactured by General Inspection Inc., provides real-time manufacturing process control by utilizing more accurate and precise measurements. In addition, we can measure parts on a more frequent interval which improves part quality and reduces scrap, ultimately lowering piece costs for our customers. The LaserLab can handle parts up to 6” in length.
  • Mectron Sorter: Manufactured by Mectron Engineering Co., this sorter provides 360-degree inspection of each piece including part features and measurement. The system uses lasers to “see” defects on the part and helps determine where the manufacturing process has varied from the part print. Data can also be collected and saved. The Mectron Sorter can handle parts up to 8” in length and .060” to 1.180” in diameter with rates up to 300 parts per minute.

Spartan Fastener Suppliers

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