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Company Profile

Spartan Fastener (formerly Stabio North America) has been in business since 1976. Starting in the miniature and electrical contact side of the fastener industry, the company soon found itself expanding into multi die and progressive headers producing larger and more complicated product. With renewed interest from a private ownership group, Spartan Fastener finds itself poised for growth and sustainability. 

Our Vision

We envision Spartan Fastener continuing as a leader in producing cold formed parts by exceeding our customers' quality and service expectations. Our goal is to remain competitive, yet profitable. We will continue to offer sophisticated, value-added services and systems that will keep us relevant in an ever-changing manufacturing world.

Customer Relationships

While Spartan Fastener produces quality cold formed products, our many long-term employees realize the effort and teamwork necessary to maintain our leadership role. It takes on-time deliveries and advanced design methods and manufacturing to compete in today's ever-changing marketplace. These factors, coupled with strong customer relationships, which are based upon trust and support, are vital to ensuring our company's continued growth and success.

Quality Control

Spartan Fastener has invested heavily in the best manufacturing personnel in the world. Quality is managed from set up to packaging including intensive quality review of first pieces to the most advanced sorting and inspection equipment available in the fastener industry as we strive for a goal of zero defects. Our team approach relies on desire and commitment to help us continually reinvent our processes and procedures. Ultimately, we are the recommended choice for customers looking for highly complex fastener solutions.